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Entitled woman wants everything easy and thinks work is all about her. Needs a reality check

2020.10.18 23:08 purpleja Entitled woman wants everything easy and thinks work is all about her. Needs a reality check

Hey mr Reddit this is probably tame compared so some of the stuff on here but I have a couple of stories about this woman at work who well you’ll see.... This is a series of short stories rather than one incident. The first was originally posted on entitled people but I was inspired to repost as as her entitlement has increased recently. Some of the text was altered from my original post to read better.
Why should I have to give evidence?:
So in my workplace there’s this one domestic who is entitled as hell. To make it clear I’m not one of those snide people who look down on people. I get on well with most of the domestic,catering staff at our work . One of them often comes on nights out pre covid obviously. On the whole great people. This one lady though....She never works. She always in the staff kitchen eating. That or just standing. Also she is just odd. She always asks me “how are you” and looks surprised when I answer. She pauses and moves head surprised like she wasn’t listening. So why ask? She also asks weird questions about expenses and the thing. Which we can’t answer. She asks questions which in no way relate to our jobs and expects us to know how to help. So begins our story sorry for long intro.
So I’m at my desk and she talks to my co-worker mc is my co-worker, el is entitled lady. Me is me.
EL: hello!!!
MC: can I help you?
EL: I’m a member of a local gym and I just found out they give (company name) staff discount
MC: Ok... EL: How do I get one?
Mc: talk to payroll
EL: can’t you help me?
MC: No
She leaves pretty uneventful you might say. However today I saw her in the kitchen. She does this thing where she just stares so you can’t ignore her.
EL: Hello ME: Hi um did you sort the gym?
EL: No I give up they won’t give my money back I should have had off for last two years
ME: Sorry to hear that (thinking is that even possible)
EL: they said they needed to see my staff ID
ME: probably just to confirm you work here...
EL: they gave me the discount going forward. But I need prove how long I’ve been here
ME: well that’s fair they want to see your ID so...
She cut me off EL: you think I want my identity stolen?!!!When I joined I gave my name and address they should just take my word.
I gave up. So recap EL demands two years of discounts backdated from business that gives her company discounts. Business very reasonably asks for proof of length of employment. She accuses them of trying to steal her identity and is annoyed she had to give basic info about herself to join. The way any membership works.
Now the reason I’m reposting this? She is getting worse
Story 2 stolen drinks and her “unreasonable boss” No real dialogue to below sorry. I’ve been working half the time from home recently and half in the office. My workplace implemented a rota system to minimise who we come into contact with. So thankfully I’ve been seeing less of this lady. I dread afternoons in the office. She starts early afternoon she always asks how long you have left and when you say you finish at five she rolls her eyes and says “I’m here till half 6” yeah and I was here at half 8 this morning. You just started. I hate getting afternoon coffee as she won’t leave me the hell alone. Always some ridiculous complaint like my above story about the gym. Recently my colleague told me she was complaining people were stealing her private herbal teas from the kitchen. Those tea’s were actually being handed out free to everyone as a gift for our hard work. The box was left for everyone to help themselves. Apparently she somehow thinks she can claim it as her property. We all had a good laugh at this even one of the other domestic rolled their eyes. They hate her too. This doesn’t really relate to the above but it happened close to it. I saw her in the corridor and she started saying that her boss was being unreasonable. Wanting to see her worksheets. Asking her about how she spend time. Oh how unreasonable.... She asked me what she could do? I said maybe talk to HR as with her other queries not my job. I am a little pleased that she is finally getting some karma for her lazy work ethic however. So a sort of happy ending? Too soon to tell but here’s hoping
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2020.07.29 01:39 hypetower [Event] Lyseni Non-Lore Wives

[ m: backdated to three hours after this thread ]

Leyton Hightower — The Starry Sept

“How are you feeling?” Leyton asked, his voice reverberating against the jet black walls once Septon Guy, or ‘ghee’, as Leyton had always called him, pushed open the towering doors of the Sept of Oldtown.
“Good, good…” The old man croaked, pocketing a ring of keys and raising a lamp high above his head. The man, on the wrong side of fifty, had become rather short since their last meeting and Leyton was forced to raise his hand to shield his eyes. Septon Guy didn’t sound very good, nor did he look it. His voice was uneven, his gait was wobbly and he stank of sweat and liquor both. Leyton was also sure that the man’s labored breathing had little to do with his inebriated state. The man was the size of a boar, maybe twice. “Trust me—hic—I have done this hundreds of times before.”
“Only hundreds?” Asked Leyton incredulously. “Is that a lot? Haven’t you been a Septon since… um, forever?”
“Hundreds of thousands of times, been doing them since you were a wee lad, heh heh…” said the Septon in a boastful tone as he led the way further inside. “Sailors are always so passionate when they return from sea, heh heh… Hic. They all but kick down the doors to the Sailor’s Sept, a pretty girl or two hanging on their arms… heh heh. Those are the worst because I always have to turn one away. I hate having to break a young lady’s heart, but the Seven are very clear about where they stand on that, you know, and I am a pious, Gods fearing man. Hic.”
“Mmhm,” Leyton squinted, tempted to turn around and try his luck at locating another Septon… but given the time constraints, he considered himself quite lucky to be able to find a Septon—and old friend, too—that was willing to do the job. If this wasn’t a sign of the Seven’s irrefutable support for his and Rhaenara’s union, then nothing was.
The old Septon finally stopped and set his lantern atop a side table that had been invisible to Leyton’s eye. “Fruit juice,” the old man said, and Leyton obediently handed over the wineskin. The man drank greedily, emptying the skin with a single gulp. He let out a satisfied sigh.
“Your family is coming, yes?”
“Just my brother and sister,” Leyton answered.
“Oh?” Asked the Septon. “Not Ser Gerold or Lady Olenne? Or Lord Elyas?”
“They will come to the real wedding,” Leyton said. “With the war ongoing, a private affair was the most appropriate.”
“I think your family does not approve,” observed Septon Guy.
“Don’t tell me we’ve come all this way for you to tell me you’re not going to do it,” said Leyton, clearly annoyed.
The Septon raised his hands and chuckled, “no, no, of course not, my boy… but you should double my fee—err, donation. Hic.”
Leyton scowled but ultimately reached into the coin pouch at his waist and pulled free the Septon’s ‘fee’. He unceremoniously dropped it into the man’s sweating palm, and pretended not to notice him counting it.
“Very good, very good… and I will be invited to the real wedding, yes?”
“Here they come now,” said Leyton instead. The pair both looked towards the door.
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2020.06.16 02:44 spindizzy_wizard [Envoy To Humans] Part Two


Part One is found in Writing Prompts:
[WP] You are an alien envoy from a planet that has enslaved humans for hundreds of years. You travel to a small blue and green planet and are shocked at what you find.
Part One Part Two Part Three
The entirety of parts Two and Three exceeds even the 40k limit for direct posts, so they will be posted here.


Devious, Think Devious

"Hello, General."
"Hello, Envoy, I hope you are better?"
Note: Any text inside angle brackets is an approximate translation achieved after first contact was long over.
"Oh, I'm just ."
"Hm... that last bit didn't translate too well, but by what I'm seeing now? You spent your 'biological break' speaking with your superior."
"gulp How?"
"Let's get to that after we get you headed for a parking orbit. The third planet, polar orbit. I'll need to send you our references for orbits, distances and times. Then you can interpret the coordinates. Transmitting references, and now the coordinates. Get your navigator working on that, while we continue the discussion."
An interlude of Snarcre informing the ship's computer what to do.
"All set, now how did you know?"
"Well, for one thing, you confirmed it by asking how I knew. For another, enough of the tone of voice is getting through the translator. You were feeling... uncharitable towards someone. When a dignitary suddenly makes an excuse to go elsewhere and comes back pissy. They've been told by their boss that they get to hold the greasy rotten bag of evil-smelling excrement."
"sigh You're right. And I have been. Told that is. The sniveling coward hung up before I could get through telling him what I thought of him, too."
"That's the way it works. You are on the sharp end of the spear, and he is holding the shaft safely back from the sharp things coming towards you. We are very familiar with that feeling."
"Tell me. Tell me what you know, what you think, what you believe."
"First, you've seen humans before, but finding them here was a terrible shock.
"Second, finding out that we had already sent nine generation ships out into the big black beyond terrified you. That means there's something out there that you do not want us to see. Something that you think is going to enrage us... Yes, even now, your body betrays your emotions. Your color shifts and flows across your skin.
"From the way you came back, I'd guess that your boss thinks that we might react well to whatever you think is going to enrage us. You, and quite possibly his bosses, think we're going to be so angry that your entire federation is dead already.
"What I believe is that any problem has a solution, if you look hard enough, and are truthful to yourself.
"So, Snarcre, what do you know, think, and believe?"
"I know that you are humans. I know that we have known humans for hundreds of years. I know that they are slaves. I know that they do not have your intelligence, but now...
"Now I think they have been denied their heritage. I think Senior Envoy knows this. I think that your people are going to destroy us because of what we have done to your people. I think I am already dead.
"What do I believe? The dead have no beliefs."
"A grim summary. Remember my belief, any problem has a solution, if you look hard enough, and are truthful to yourself.
"At this moment, You and I know the details. Our "Senior Envoy" knows only that there are two issues. That you have knowledge of humans from elsewhere, and that you are shocked that we already have nine generation ships out, with a tenth ready to go.
"Tell me, why are you so afraid of our generation ships?"
"I cannot be certain, I do not know which way they have gone, but we hold stars all around this sector. They will likely find one. When they do... Humans? Operating a generation ship? Probably armed? You tell me what you would do if a ship full of beasts of burden were to show up, armed, talking, with technology that you are sure they could never handle. You tell me."
"That is indeed the question. Tell me, what would you be willing to give up, to keep our generation ships from running into your people before we have a diplomatic solution."
"You... You want my ship."
"Well, unless you happen to have a spare stardrive handy. We're not using generation ships because we have a choice."
"What motive power do your generation ships use?"
"We would call it a Bussard Ramjet. A big magnetic field sweeps hydrogen into a fusion chamber, you refuel as you go along."
"Then you have carefully pointed your ships so they will not run into 'dead zones'."
"Of course."
"Big problem. Everyone starts out with magnetic scoops. Everyone."
"And your people hold stars all around here. You did it by generation ships. It wasn't until later that you found the star drive."
"Dead zones all over the place."
"On shipping lanes that you still use."
"We need your ship. We need to get our people turned around before they run into your people."
"I will have to go with the ship. It will not work otherwise. Besides, you will need a 'face' to talk to anyone you find. I will be that face."
"Tell me why I should trust you?"
"Because I'm going to carve my superior's reproductive organs off cut them into and feed them to his larvae."
"That's... impressive."
"No. It is the worst horror we can expect. It will turn our larvae into simple mollusks. They will never become intelligent. They will never grow anything... Anything but nacre."
"You will need to work on better revenge than that."
"There is nothing better!"
Smiling thinly, "Of course there is. Handing the entire bag of shit to him, and watch him eat it while you go on to a long and glorious life as your people's first Ambassador to Manhome. Your newest and most dangerous allies."
"Dangerous I understand, allies?"
"Yes, you will help us recover our people from whoever holds them. We will use the generation ships to gather them up, and your stardrive will make it all possible."
"My stardrive?"
"You have maintenance manuals, don't you?"
"I'm a diplomat! I failed engineering school!"
"That's okay, we've got a tradition to uphold. We never give up. We never stop trying. We never surrender. If the usual ideas don't work? We've got a saying for that."
"You do..."
"If it's stupid, but it works, it isn't stupid."

Not Devious Enough

"I... That's... Huh. I read in a history book about the scientist who dreamed up our stardrive. That was his motto."
"So, was he human?"
"I don't know. But his name... It wasn't like any of ours. Mikvaslo."
"Mikvaslo... almost sounds Russian. Tell me, did you ever hear of or read any other names for him?"
"I think the book said his friends would call him Misha."
"Misha... Mikhail Vaslo... Vaslo... how many earth years ago did he live?"
"Let's see... muttering conversions ... I think... I think about 600 years ago."
It's 2372 now, 600 years ago would be 1772, let's call it plus-minus one hundred years, so that's a range from 1672 to 1872. Russian, with the first name of Mikhail, living in that timespan. Sounds like he was a smart one too."
"The history said it was amazing, that he knew so many things that no matter what he turned his hand to, something good would come of it."
"Yes, I suppose they did, but he made one mistake."
"What's that?"
"He gave your people the stardrive."
"Gave might not be the right word. He was so brilliant that he spent his entire life being studied. He saw a few people, and the history that I read was approved by the government. There were whispers that there had been another book, but there are always rumors around approved books."
"And so there should be. If a government puts out an 'approved' book, and it's a history, you can be certain that they're trying to hide something. The question is whether they're trying to hide the truth or bury the lies. Sometimes it's both."
"You humans are such devious people. How did you get this way?"
"By living with humans."
"General, what you have just told me is that I cannot trust any human, anywhere, anytime."
"Well, except for me."
"Yes... just you..."
"See! You're thinking devious right now, and you've only been in the system for a few hours! Excellent progress!"
"Is it the sort of progress we should be seeking?"
"Indeed it is. In addition to myself and the Secretary of State — that is, the Senior Envoy — there are other people who will want to talk with you, tell you things, pry for information, make favorable agreements with you, etc. In general, you need to recognize when people are trying to get you to do any of these things and watch what you say so that you don't give away anything you don't want to.
"In addition, we all have our motives, and not all of them are known, even by ourselves."
"Then I should be wary of what anyone says, because not only may they have hidden motives, but they may have motives hidden from themselves."
"Yes. Now, let's see if we can find this Russian from the late 1600s to the late 1800s."
"Your data retrieval systems are impressive. To pull up an array of so many names from that long ago?"
"They are only impressive for the amount of crud you have to filter to find what you really wanted. Mikhail is a pretty common name. We need more. You said he was known for being capable in many fields?"
"Indeed, the book said he gave us much of what we have today."
"Snarcre, you have to watch what you say."
"What did I do?"
"You just told me that your people have not innovated beyond what this Mikvaslo did for you for 600 years, you're stagnant."
"What we have is already the best there is!"
"How do you know that?"
"... Because the government tells us so... Yes... devious... think devious."
"Yeah. So let's see what we can find out. I'm guessing that since his friends called him Misha, that his first name was really Mikhail. It fits the first part of the name you have for him. That leaves 'vaslo'. Now, taking a complete wild ass guess here, we'll make 'va' the beginning of the middle name and 'lo' the beginning of the last name, and what do we come up with?"
```markdown ... Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov Russian Polymath
Born: November 19, 1711, Archangelgorod Governorate Died: April 15, 1765, Saint Petersburg, Russia Books: Первые основания металлургии или рудных дел... Education: Philipps-University Marburg (1736–1739)... Children: Yelena Lomonosova Parents: Elena Ivanovna Sivkova, Vasily Dorofeyevich Lomonosov ... ```
"And we have a hit. It's a doozy too. One of the big ones who laid down physical laws that we still use today."
"And you called us stagnant?"
"Yes, I called you stagnant because you haven't tried to go beyond his work. We test our findings, we're always looking for a new way, a better way. Sometimes we succeed. If we didn't, we'd still be using stone axes. Now, what have your people done with the stardrive since he gave it to you?"
"Hah. I did tell you that I'm not an engineer."
"No excuse. A scientist notices that dissimilar metals make a muscle jump when the muscle has been cooked in a salt carrying solution. He looks at that, and wonders why. He experiments, figuring out if you stack dissimilar metals the right way, with paper between them saturated with the same solution, you get electricity. On-demand, wherever you are. The first battery. Multiple scientists working over the years take that simple, low power, sloppy battery, and turn it into a compact power supply using completely different metals, and a different solution. We now have power for small to large devices, by stacking more batteries together. We can get higher voltage or higher current by how we stack them. They're also rechargeable. So, what did we do?"
"You kept looking, despite having a good battery, you kept looking."
"Yes. And we found them too. Snarcre, I am not an engineer. I am a warrior and a leader of warriors, but I know the basics of how we got to where we are. This is why I know you are stagnant. Your people look at what they have and say "good enough". We look at what we have and say "how can we make it better?" You see?"
"Yes, I do see. Tell me, General, what will your people do if I give them our stardrive? You'll put it in your warships for certain. Those ships will fly to other stars. Now my people find humans, in warships, entering their systems. Humans that they know cannot possibly handle that equipment. Do you see?"
"So grim, always so grim. This is why we need you, and you need us even more. We need you to point out the big problems. You need us to point the way around them. We need you for a 'face'. You need us for a 'face' with the humans on the Generation ships. We need you for your stardrive maintenance manuals. You need us to understand those manuals so that we can produce more, and make sure you get your ship back in one piece.
"We need to pair you with a diplomat with the same seniority as you. That way, you'll be on the same level, there won't be a lot of protocol, and you can get things done."
"You're going to hand some poor low-level diplomat the same sack of shit that I've been handed."
"Yep. One difference."
"And that is?"
"We'll ask for volunteers."
"You're joking."
"Nope. There's always some young eager beaver ready to do whatever the superiors need doing, without necessarily looking at the working conditions or the chances of success."
"You're paring me with a madman."
"No, we're not. We're pairing you with a human."
"Why do I have the feeling that madman and human are equivalent?"
"Because there are humans that would agree with you? ... I see that you've entered the polar orbit, I'll send up a security shuttle to bring you down to the Solar Guard base. We're just across the river from the Diplo-types, so it won't be any problem to ship you there or bring them in, however you choose.
"Oh, excuse me. How adaptable is your airlock?"
"I'll use a suit. The FSS Envoy Snarcre is extraterritorial, it's part of the Federation. Any attempt to board it, or otherwise link with it, in any manner, will be seen as an act of war and will be immediately reported to HQ as that. Just in case it slipped your notice, we do have FTL communications on an interstellar level."
"One moment, I'm making sure the shuttle knows where to go." ... "There."

To The Point

"How soon can we have access to the maintenance books?"
"How soon can I conclude an agreement with your Senior Envoy?"
"Ouch... That long, huh. That's a bummer."
"Yeah, Goliath launches within the week, about 38 standard hours. Your ship should already have that reference."
"Ouch... that soon, huh? That's a bummer."
"Ooohhh! Good one! You're getting this devious stuff down fast and moving right on into sarcasm! I look forward to meeting you face to face. Maybe we can fit in a few hands of poker?"
"The sooner the better, General. And if that's a gambling game, you're going to have to teach me it with nothing more costly than points written on paper having no relationship with any currency what so ever, now or in the future."
"See you in a bit, Envoy. Good catch on the poker game. It'll still be fun to go a few hands with you. We can invite the Senior Envoy over, he'd hate for us to get chummy without him being around."
So, no love lost, eh?
"Gotta watch that color, Envoy. It shows when you're thinking sneaky devious thoughts without speaking them aloud."
"What's a poor Cephalopoid to do with a race that doesn't understand color privacy. Try reading this!"
Yeah, give him the swirling vortex of death!
"Woah... Looks like something my many-times-great grandfather described in one of his books, he was tripping on LDS at the time. I've got a copy of the painting he did of it too, here, I'll point the camera at it."
"What? What's wrong?"
"You've jammed my chromophores, I'm stuck this way for at least 48 hours! I can't see your Senior Envoy while I look like a... a... a for either his limits or anyone else's eyes!"
"You sure you can't see him?"
"I'd rather die."
"Well, we could arrange that, but we'd have to have you turn over the ship first; to the Solar Guard, directly."
"Not a chance."
"Well, the Senior Envoy, otherwise known as the Secretary of State, is already expecting you. You wanna pull the 'indisposed' act again? I do have to warn you that as the Senior Envoy, he would have both the right and duty to inspect your ship within 24 hours, if for no reason other than to ensure that you were safe if you went silent on him."
"You, sir, are a bastard."
"Of course I am, I'm an officer, ask any enlisted or NCO guardsman! Now, what'll it be? Firing squad at dawn? Your ship explodes; when the Senior Envoy tries to board to check on your health? Terminal embarrassment? Or maybe when you get down here, we fit you up with a Hollywood Effects team, and they might make you look decent?"
"The latter has possibilities."
"I'll be waiting."

A Slight Delay

"What do you mean I can't see him right away! He's been on your base for twelve hours already!"
"I'm sorry, Secretary, but it seems there were some... aftereffects of that little gastric issue he had."
"Aftereffects... You're up to something."
"Perish the thought! In any case, he'll be over to see you within two hours. Just enough time to finish freshening up."
"He'd better be, or we're going to send the Government Accounting Office over for a thorough audit of your entire offices."
"Now, Now, you know very well that our financial affairs are handled through the Inspector General, not the GAO."
"Not your buildings... Those are GAO through and through. They won't touch anything that's purely military, but they will be looking at every GAO paid expenditure regarding your offices. Considering the rate at which you go through paper consumables, we're pretty sure you're breaking GAO policy for paperless offices."
"Now, you know that the regulations require us to provide all orders written and signed by the appropriate officers, digital signatures need not apply. Of course, that takes more paper, and we do issue a lot of orders, all of which are purely military business. Everything else, like GAO requests, goes through the electronic system that you still haven't gotten all the bugs out. That's the reason that half of our orders end up going over on paper, so we can be sure what we ordered is what shows up on your system. So you can lay, oh, about 33% of the excess paper costs on your own people, for consistently losing the paper then asking us why your broken system insists we need three million horsehair reinforced wooden shields."
"That isn't our system!"
"You insisted that the GAO pay to have it developed, that makes it your system."
"sigh You always are a rotten bastard getting me stirred up. Do you think we can bury the hatchet, not in each other's heads, for the time being?"
"That depends a great deal on how you react to the scheme I laid out to our new Envoy. I've found out some things, but at the specific request of the Envoy, I have been asked to remain silent and allow him to tell you in his own words.
"One word of advice before you see him. Have your physician give you a shot of flight right before you go in. It should keep you from blowing your cool."
"You're serious?"
"You might say dead serious."
"Thank you, I will do so. How did it affect you?"
"Total outrage, although Snarcre did not apparently notice."
"Well, there is your combination poker face and stone face. Either one will keep most from seeing your emotions. Both will shut me out too. By the way, how do I do against you?"
"You need to add a poker face, some things still come through."
"Poker face... Can we arrange some games?"
"I've offered to Snarcre and had thought to add you if you were willing. I would suggest we add two others, one from Diplo, and one from Guard. If I may suggest, make the one from Diplo a junior. Some eager beaver who would be willing to work with Snarcre, possibly interstellar, certainly without guidance from higher, and with "unusual degree of freedom."
"You don't ask for much do you."
"I think it's necessary, so make sure you pick a good one."
"Will you send a guard as well?"
"Yes, I hadn't specifically mentioned a guard, but I did mention a 'face' that the Generation ships would accept. I think Lieutenant Beaufort will do well enough."
"Yes. I'm thinking Assistant Counsel Gale is likely to handle the job well enough."
"Make sure they understand it is a volunteer mission, not a voluntold. We need people who are there because they want to be there, not because we want them there. I'll certainly be doing that. I'll also be telling them the bombshell that Snarcre dropped on me. Oh, yes. Snacre has been left holding the bag of shit by his management. He's also been remarkably forthcoming. There is a chance that we can get stardrive from them. Don't mess it up."
"Stardrive... He is desperate."
"Yes, I think he is. He fully expects that we are going to destroy their Federation."
"Holy... Okay, I think you've got me primed. I'll get that shot. It needs 15 minutes to take full effect, warn me when you're about to send him over."

Diplomatic Preparation

"Ladies, Gentlemen, I have asked you here to invite you to our first session with an extraterrestrial envoy. No, I have not been drinking. You are each under consideration for an extended mission with the ET. Understand, I fully expect this mission to test you to the limits. You will be working independently from all contact with higher. You will be granted "unusual degree of freedom." Yes, it's that serious. Before we meet with the ET, a dose of flight right is mandatory. At Any Point, you may withdraw without prejudice. I will be taking that dose right along with you. For your information, General Fledermaus specifically recommended it to me.
"In addition, your invitation to this meeting has not yet been recorded, nor will it be until the meeting is finished. Those of you who complete the meeting will have your records backdated to include the invitation. Those of you who choose to leave before completion will have a record for meeting with myself added, without reference to the E.T. Such records will include a notation for superior performance. There will be no questionable marks on your record or any reason for anyone to consider you less than optimal for any assignment under consideration."
There are some murmured conversations among the group.
"Sir, with respect, I must withdraw. I am allergic to flight right. It's unusual, I know, but it's also on my file."
"Granted, and thank you for letting me know. Are there any other issues?"
"Sir, the ET's appearance?"
"Here's the best image we have. Note that there are cephalopoid capabilities as well, his skin can change color and is possibly the most important emotional indicator we have. There are several that we have already discovered.
"Here's shock.
"Here's extreme shock bordering on panic.
"He has a damned fine translator, so even when he is able to maintain their version of poker face, some emotion comes through. It may take you some time to adapt to his emotional expressions."
"With Respect, Sir, I believe it best for me to withdraw. Personal issues, Sir."
"Granted, thank you for letting me know. Are there any other issues?"
"We think not, Sir, but it may have to wait until we see... him or her... Sir?"
"I... It has not come up, I suggest remaining with title, title, and name, or once you get to know him a bit, name alone. Envoy Snarcre seems comfortable with any of these."

Dressing Up

"I'm sorry Envoy, but everything in our kit triggers an allergic reaction. I'm glad we thought to test before we put it on your whole body! At least the antihistamine seems to be bringing the swelling down."
"I've less than an hour left! Is there anything else left to try?"
"The only thing left is a total cover that leaves you hooded. With a deep hood, you'll be shadowed enough that they won't get much more than the gleam of your eyes."
"I should warn you..."
"No Time! Go with it!"
"...but they'll see you as..."
"They won't see me! That's the point! Now do it!"
"You heard the Envoy, get out "The Demon Lord."
"The ?"
"If you mean a very nasty person who would as soon torture you for eternity as look at you, yes."
"Ugh. It's still better than this drunken mess I'm stuck with!"
"Okay, Envoy, but don't say we didn't warn you!"

Time To Meet and Greet

"Hello, ... Envoy?"
"Hello, General! What do you think?"
"I think we're either going to be accused of allowing a film company to shoot on our property, or for consorting with the Devil."
"Those are bad things?"
"Um, yes, they could be, but it could serve you well too. I hadn't intended to attend, but with that outfit I'd better go with you, armed."
"They would not attack me!?"
"No, I doubt they would, they're going to be using flight right, it will help keep them calm."
"Then you were angry when we talked."
"Yes, but I had to remember that you likely had little to do with it."
"Thank you for that, but I did have something to do with it. We'd better discuss it on the way."
((continued in Part Three))
submitted by spindizzy_wizard to SpinningStories [link] [comments]

2020.05.19 15:38 DogWhsperShhh [Pennsylvania] Updated Email from PUA

I just received this email from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry regarding PUA.
We’re continuing to enhance our Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) system since it became fully operational. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this new program and system. We wanted to update you, our PUA customer, on a few items.
For PUA claimants still experiencing issues filing for backdated weekly certifications, we are working to ensure you will be able to file for those weeks. If you have not informed us about backdating issues regarding your claim, please reach out to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with your full name and Claimant ID number.
If you have already notified us, know that we are trying to get to your questions as quickly as possible. Please do not send multiple emails as this may delay resolution of your inquiry.
In the meantime, make sure you continue to file your weekly certifications every week (Sunday through Saturday) to receive your PUA payments moving forward for those weeks.
It has come to our attention that some PUA claimants are receiving their first payment via paper check through the U.S. Postal Service. In an effort to get these payments to you as quickly as possible, we're releasing them rather than waiting for the Direct Deposit or Debit Card to be initiated. This will only impact your first payment. Future payments will be made based on your payment selection.
If you continue to receive a paper check but selected a different payment option, please confirm that you have selected either Direct Deposit or Debit Card and provided the required information.
Additionally, the Financial Determination letter you received in the PUA system had two pieces of information that were inaccurate. Our PUA phone line (1-855-284-8545), which was listed on the letter is not currently active. We’ll announce the exact date soon on our website at and on social media. In addition, the email to reach our Unemployment Compensation Appeals team was incorrect. You can reach our Appeals team at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). We apologize for any frustration this caused.
We have created PUA System FAQs and will continue to add to them.
L&I also announced that the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program is now available. If you qualify for a PEUC, you must take the PEUC claim over Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), per federal guidance, and therefore you must stop filing for weeks of PUA benefits. Please review our CARES Act information to understand your rights to all CARES Act benefits, including the $600 weekly Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefit. It is fraudulent to accept payment on two different programs for the same claim week.
Thank you again for your patience as we finish implementing the new federal CARES Act unemployment benefits programs.
submitted by DogWhsperShhh to Unemployment [link] [comments]

2020.01.16 22:01 purpleja Why should I have to give evidence?

So in my workplace there’s this one domestic who is entitled as hell. To make it clear I’m not one of those snide people who look down on people . I get on well with most of the domestic,catering staff. One of them came to a recent night out. This one lady though. She never works. She always in the staff kitchen eating. That or just standing. She always asks me “like how are you” and looks surprised when I answer. Like she wasn’t listening so why ask? She also asks weird questions about expenses and such. Which we can’t answer. So begins our story sorry for long intro
So I’m at my desk and she talks to my co-worker mc is my co-worker, el is entitled lady. Me is me.
EL: hello!!!
MC: can I help you?
EL: I’m a member of a local gym and I just found out they give (company name) staff discount
MC: Ok... EL: How do I get one?
Mc: talk to payroll
EL: can’t you help me?
MC: No
She leaves pretty uneventful you might say. However today I saw her in the kitchen. She does this thing where she just stares so you can’t ignore her.
EL: Hello ME: Hi um did you sort the gym?
EL: No I give up they won’t give my money back I should have had off for last two years
ME: Sorry to hear that (thinking is that even possible)
EL: they said they needed to see my staff ID
ME: probably just to confirm you work here...
EL: they gave me the discount going forward. But I need prove how long I’ve been here
ME: well that’s fair they want to see your ID so...
She cut me off EL: you think I want my identity stolen?!!!When I joined I gave my name and address they should just take my word.
I gave up. So recap EL demands two years of discounts backdated from business that gives her company discounts. Business very reasonably asks for proof of length of employment. She accuses them of trying to steal her identity and is annoyed she had to give basic info about herself to join. The way any membership works.
submitted by purpleja to EntitledPeople [link] [comments]

2019.11.29 15:46 silorme Comcast, dirty, rotten, liars....

I'm in Arkansas and Comcast is trying to pull a fast one. On September 27th, I called to cancel my service. The lady told me to disable automatic billing and wait for the final, adjusted bill to show up. my next bill was due on October 9th, and should only have 7 days on it because of when I canceled. I also disconnected my cable modem at this time. I had no equipment from Comcast. I was using my own.
So, a few days later I get the next month's bill, and I'm like, OK, they haven't adjusted it yet, I'll wait until they do. So life goes on, and when I receive another bill, for another month, I realize, wait, something's wrong. So I call back. The lady told me I had called on NOV 12 to cancel on DEC 12. I'm like, NO, it should have canceled right away, and I'm pretty sure I called before that. She promises to update the cancellation.
I looked through my phone records. There was no call on NOV 12, the last call was on SEP 27. I also notice I had turned my auto-pay off for the bill due on OCT 9, so I new the NOV 12 was a lie. So I call back.
After the lady who barely spoke English transferred me, the next lady told me there was a note on SEP 27 that I canceled, but it was never processed. In fact, the lady I had talked to a couple days before had not actually canceled me. IT TOOK THREE CALLS TO GET CANCELED! She assured me she had to send the information to others who could adjust my bill, but because of the note on my account, and the fact I had disconnected my modem it should not be a problem and that my final bill should be $10. She did say the amount.
That night, I finally get an email confirmation that I had canceled, and the next day, I get an email that one month was credited on my bill, even though it should have been 2 months and 23 days, plus late fees.
So here's my question to you all. What's my options? I want to just pay the $10 I really owe them, and then just ignore them. My credit score is almost 800, so I am not worried about a ding there. If I go this route, does anybody know what is likely to happen?
I could call them again and complain, but honestly, they lie straight to your voice, and they probably really don't care..
FYI, this is not the first thing something like this happened. A few years ago a technician visited after a storm to fix the downed wire. Then a $10/month fee started getting added to my bill for renting their equipment, though I was still using mine. 6mos later, when I noticed it, they would only refund $20, because I took to long. I abandoned them for a year, but was suckered back. Never again. They seem to have some pretty dirty practices to get extra money out of people.
UPDATE: I submitted my complaint to my attorney general, and decided to keep going with the advice, so sent a message to Comcast on Facebook, which was a copy and paste with most of this post plus mentioning I had filed a complaint. A gentlemen named Brian, came to my rescue and said he backdated my cancellation to September 28th and is going to call me on Wednesday when he gets in to the office to make sure everything is good. I'm guessing it's the mentioning of the attorney general that let the fire under Mr. Brian. Anyway, thank you all for your advice!
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2019.11.03 18:21 CiphriusKane TPP Community Roundup - October 2019

It’s November already? Time to set stuff on fire!
...Cause Guy Fawkes Night...I’m not an arsonist...Okay, I may have started a few fires…
Turkeys? What about them?
So here’s what happened in October.

Important Business (staff changes and next run announcement)

After five years, SparkPlug3 and sandyxdaydream have stepped down as subreddit and Discord server moderators. We thank them for their years of service and wish them the best of luck. Made111 has also resigned as a subreddit moderator but remains as a Discord server moderator.
The structure of the Discord moderation team has changed. Previously, the green Moderator role was reserved for Discord and Subreddit moderators, while the blue Officer role was reserved for Discord-only moderators. Subreddit Moderator has now been split off into a separate role with no moderation powers in the Discord server and the Officer role has been merged with the current Moderator role. This allows for subreddit-only staff, which is an idea that’s been considered for some time now but was unrealistic due to the role structure.
As such, please ping @Subreddit Moderator if you’re needing moderator attention on the subreddit (e.g. pinning posts, adding flairs, inappropriate content) and if you’re needing moderator attention on the Discord server, ping @Server Staff (e.g. announcement needing made, inappropriate content/conduct) or @Moderator (e.g. removing users, altering channel names and descriptions, mee6 commands).
These role changes mean there’s been a couple of promotions. Please congratulate teamvista and CiphriusKane on becoming Discord moderators.
At this time, the deputy role remains unaffected.
There is a new Discord server owner. Please welcome the new owner Deadinsky66!
Stream staff remains unchanged.
The next run will be TPP Sword on 23 November. The run manager is aissurtievos.

Helpings of RUM

TPP returned to the shores of Alola last month for their second randomizer of the year, Randomized Ultra Moon. Many thanks to run manager Charmybee99 and stream host VorpalNorman for making this happen. Our host this time was a black-skinned girl called VRG (Virginia).
The effects of the randomizer this time affected Pokémon spawns, evolutionary lines, movesets, trainer classes, and even text. The bizarre and amusing effects of the run quickly became clear, as before we even left VRG’s house our host’s mother was handing us !. (Credit to HammyHammerGuy for the screenshot.) Within an hour, mesamus captured VRG marrying Lillie for the sixth time. (Credit to CiphriusKane for the second screenshot.)
The Pokémon of the region were more insightful than initially anticipated, as Dartix exposed us as outsiders. (Credit to TrollKitten.) kerrowe caught Professor Kukui explaining this is all hyperspace. Speaking of hyperspace, it seems VRG has proclaimed herself kahuna of some of the outer worlds. (Credit to CiphriusKane.) We also completed the Pokédex with only 420 Pokémon caught. (Credit to CiphriusKane I’m really patting myself on the back here.) Though that may be because VRG seems to be incapable of identifying Pokémon. (Credit to WhatAboutGaming.)
Not everybody had fun with the randomizer however, as Xacrom noticed that Nanu was lonely and threefourthstime commented on Nanu’s wellbeing. Giovanni also had less than positive thoughts. (Credit to WhatAboutGaming.) Meanwhile, Phyco brought out the creep factor by commenting on Mallow’s cooking. (Credit to threefourthstime.) Trial Captain Lana revealed herself to be Ghetsis (Credit to YugnatZero) while Hau exposed himself as nihilego. (Credit to WhatAboutGaming.)
YugnatZero pieced together some narratives from the randomizer, such as the Cult of Hau, Lillie’s cursed diary, stone theft, starter mon banter and trouble in Paradise for Lillie and VRG. Xacrom also got involved with some strange Team Skull members in the shady house. Some of litten’s randomized dialogue inspired an animation of Litten Hacker by WeirdThingsToEnsue.
Something this run had in abundance was shinies! Not shinies we could catch though, as most were owned by trainers, such as this dunsparce, growlithe and wynaut (credit CiphriusKane), cradily (credit TrollKitten) and dustox (credit Byron_Springhill). Guile Hideout from the Pokémon Adventures manga put in an appearance (credit YugnatZero) and we faced such fearsome ultra beasts as gigalith. (Again, credit YugnatZero.) Meanwhile, the Voices tormented the Poké Ride Machamp so much that the poor thing exploded. (Credit to DOMINATOR0909 for the clip.) Kiawe managed to get ahold of Primal Groudon for his trial. (Credit to INick_D.)
VorpalNorman decided to have some fun with the 3DS’s camera, setting up scenarios for us to watch, such as CharmyBee99 staring at the camera (after M4/VorpalNorman allegedly trapped him in the basement, playing chess with Charmy, gathering the family for a photoshoot, before using a second 3DS to highlight areas and mons the Voices had yet to catch. (Credit Trollkitten for those screenshots.) Finally, the entire gang gathered to say farewell. (Credit Charmybee99) Charmybee99 also caught the moment when we found Mother Beast Lusamine.
Hau became the meme of the day due to his frequent appearances. Many users of the Discord server changed their nicks to either Hau or Hau-related puns, and many memes spawned, such as this artwork by Emoji-Master, Hau-related cereal by HonshouReimu, and Doctor Hause also by HonshouReimu. teamvista even changed the run channel from #randomized-ultra-moon to #randomized-ultra-hau for a few hours.
Droar’s bot was hard at work as well, recording the entire run. WhatAboutGaming posted his customary selection of highlights, such as the opening 2 hours of the run, defeating Totems Kabutops, Golduck, Swalot and Lickiliy, and beating the Elite Four. pfaccioxx meanwhile got videos of us facing Tapu Bulu/Phione, Tapu Koko/Magearna, Tapu Fini/Mewtwo and Tapu Lele/Zapdos. Kelcyus also clipped us watching old battle videos and CiphriusKane caught the moments when we lost espurr and ipod the wimpod.
And of course our artists were hard at work. Saturn_kun created a comic about AAAAUU the slowking preferring his father’s company. Tranzi posted pictures of Arom the aromatisse and VRG in the Discord server and YugnatZero and xe_cute both took a shot at our snow gourd, while jellosaur2 made a picture of VRG and her starter. Legtendga posted a meme about morelull and threefourthstime created an iPod advert. Kelcyus contributed lots of art, including a picture of aromatisse, the Hau/Lusamine/Kukui family tree, a comic introducing characters in the run, three parts of a comic about Grimsley and some former hosts, spritework of Virginia and our Hall of Fame team, and a story about a cursed diary.
Want a guide to the various characters we met or a script of the randomized text? Hajimeilosukna has started transcribing the dialogue and Emoji-Master has started taking notes. YugnatZero also finished the TPPRUM TVTropes page.


Last month, subreddit and Discord moderator Crimsonburn27 hosted an AMA. The next AMA will be with Emoji-Master on Saturday, 9 November. There may be a second AMA in November, so stay tuned.

Stream Antics

PBR Season 33 came to an end before RUM’s intermission began. Congratulations to Gameface252 who took first place. The final few matches had quite an upset, where tppsimulator, the Markov chain chatbot, managed to win big, displacing then-leader addarash before losing it all in the last few matches. threefourthstime also caught the moment the PBR camera acted oddly.
For RUM intermission, the chat played Zero Time Dilemma, the third entry in the Zero Escape visual novel series.
After the run ended, PBR got spooky with a week of special Hallowe’en sets, before taking a brief break to play Trick-or-Treat House (TTH), TPP’s special Hallowe’en event. TTH took the puzzles submitted during the trick house puzzle drives organised by Reallydiana. tustin2121 did a great job with the hack, but still let a horrifying glitch slip in. No, not the man clipping through the door, the use of “Your”! It even got past Red031000’s attention.
In the sidegame Metronome Sapphire, CB the furret was released, causing mathfreak231 to cancel TPP. VorpalNorman went a step further and took down the sidegame temporarily, leading to mvisio22 making a new copypasta.

Discord Business

Charmybee99 chose his emote for the server (backdated to his temporary boost), adding GlaceSipp to the server. The Keepo emote also got a fresh look, becoming clearer and less pixelly (thanks Deadinsky66). A new channel, #sword-shield, has been created for discussing medieval combat the upcoming Pokémon games Sword and Shield, including publicly released and leaked information.
Discord have changed the boosting model, giving eligible Nitro users 2 boosts rather than 1 and making individual boosts buyable. This has gotten the TPP Discord server up to 9 boosts, meaning we’re 6 short of the next level.

Community Gallery

First up, TwitchDatesPokemon released their monthly update. There’s also a special occasion, as TPPsimulator celebrates their birthday! Deadinsky66 also hosted a games night which happened in the middle of the afternoon and relaunched the AoC Minecraft server.
Emoji-Master created family trees for the Greystones, the Oaks and the extended Birch family. He also continued his Whispering Voices series, with Into Ilex Forest, Celebi et al and It’s Rewind Time.
YugnatZero posted a meme of our TriHard Emerald zubat dying while codybeeber1 posted a defiance-related bee meme. pfaccioxx stirred up some discussion about TTH lore while vivit_en_regnat dug up a lost COTHC song. Finally Saturn_kun posted a comic about Robo Groudon but later deleted it. #BibleThump

Community Outreach

Trollkitten has continued with her series PKMN Burst, Ori’s Gift and DuckTales: Within Your Shadow, posting weekly update posts. SparTonberry shared some Pepsiman lore and an amusing message that appears when the Pokémon Blue boxart is mirrored halfway.
CanisAries has been keeping up with her art, sharing such pieces as obstagoon and incineroar looking tough, a fox based on Finnish mythology, and Shirlee the inkay from her Red Akai story Seiren. red031000 got some sass from the tpp bot.
KipTheFlareon also celebrated his birthday last month, getting a flareon race driving gif done by Pioxys and a birthday sketch from Xe_cute. Flaaggtpp briefly became a Discord moderator.

Community Events

Wolfpack Plays Halo, hosted by KipTheFlareon, continues every Sunday at 19:30 UTC. They finished Episode 6 of Spartan Ops last Sunday. Come join in the fun of Pioxys having his hijacked vehicle hijacked, Dead taking himself out or the entire team walking into a instakillzone. Will LightningXCE finally repair his Xbox and join in? Wait and see.
Kip is also hosting a weekly gaming session, where he tries to complete his catalogue of Switch games. So far he’s managed to defeat the Elite Four in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and rescued swamp dragons in Spyro 1 of the Spyro Reignited trilogy.
Anime Night also continues, every Friday at 22:30 UTC on Kast. We’re on episode 135 of the Hoenn saga. Having left Hoenn following their losses, Ash and co are now en route to the Battle Frontier to lose again.
TPP Skribble sessions continue every Saturday at 16:00 UTC, hosted by CiphriusKane. A drawing guessing game with custom Pokémon words which lasts for three games roughly.
submitted by CiphriusKane to twitchplayspokemon [link] [comments]

2019.10.25 11:13 stroke_bot puteal

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